CLEANSTATION PROCESS SERVICES, LLC. (CLEANSTATION) provides engineered, Process Technologies to the vertically integrated oil and gas industry, heavy downstream hydrocarbon processing industry, refined products industry, pipeline industry, and general manufacturing sectors for the efficient and economic removal, transport, handling, treatment, separation, recovery and/or disposal of hydrocarbon waste sludge, black-oil storage tank bottoms, industrial wastewater, refinery oily residuals, and industrial process byproducts. CLEANSTATION is headquartered in Houston, TX and staffed with senior professionals to provide the right Process Technology solution to your waste, sludge, wastewater, and/or residual hydrocarbon problem. CLEANSTATION also specializes in the development and implementation of facility-wide or regional strategies to substantially reduce the costs of waste management for the refining and petrochemical sectors. CLEANSTATION personnel can provide services directly to petroleum refiners and petrochemical manufacturers or as a subcontractor to larger consulting engineering companies and contract operation service companies.


General Process Technology Equipment Systems include:


  • Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment Process Equipment Systems
  • Hydrocarbon Waste/Residuals Minimization Strategies and Process Equipment Systems
  • AVATAR TANK CLEANING PROCESS® a patent-pending technology
  • Two-Phase and Three-Phase Centrifuge Separation and Recovery Systems
  • Vertical, High-Speed Centrifuge Separation and Recovery Systems
  • Fixed and Mobile Thermal Desorption Equipment Systems
  • Waste Minimization, Sludge Processing and Treatment Systems



  • Process Engineering, P&IDs, Process Design, Operations Manuals
  • Process Technology Equipment Systems Operations Training
  • AVATAR TANK CLEANING PROCESS® Operations Training and Technical Support,
  • Sludge / Tank Bottoms Secondary Treatment Process Design, Equipment Specification, Supply, Installation and Operational Training.
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment System Engineering and Design
  • Waste Minimization Investigation, Recommendations and System Design


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